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Our coaching approach aims at improving the resilience of your organisation and its employees in change processes. Through our coaching engagements, we focus on employee growth and development by working together with our coachees in removing barriers, roadblocks and contributing to the achievement of individual objectives.

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    Why workplace coaching?

    Coaching is a widely accepted and established learning and development tool for employees to reach their full potential, improve their workplace relationships and increase their employee engagement. Workplace coaching can also contribute to the implementation of change programmes, improve team performance and communication as well as prevent microaggression or misconduct at the workplace. Years of research into workplace coaching have proven its benefits for both organisations and employees as it:

    - Gives organisations an effective way to operate through change processes

    - Supports team leaders to acquire the necessary skills to effectively lead and manage a pool of employees

    - Improves the ability, confidence and skills of employees to solve challenges, handle workplace conflicts, address the underlying causes of conflicts, or help to move on after conflicts

    - Increases the possibility that organisational, team or individual level objectives are achieved

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    Our approach to workplace coaching

    Our step-by-step approach to coaching:

    - Background search: through this step we collect and interpret information (internal documents, reports, survey results) prior to the coaching session and identify potential skills gaps. We prioritize and select the highest impact opportunities for development. Based on this research we select the most appropriate coaching styles for the engagement, such as the CLEAR or the GROW coaching model.

    - Prepare: before every coaching session, we plan the objectives of the meeting, select the most appropriate tools.

    - Meet and coach: through the coaching sessions we discuss objectives, share perspectives and insight, and potential avenues for actions.

    - Record: we document the discussions and agreed goals as well as action points, timing.

    - Follow up: we recommend for the coaching process to include, at least, three sessions to revisit previously set objectives, analyse results, set corrective actions and evaluate progress.

    Our workplace coaching services provide pragmatic and personalised support in the following situations:

    - Team level coaching - through this engagement we work with entire teams to support them in coordinating efforts, team culture, or how to use their resources more effectively.

    - Conflict coaching - through this coaching scenario we work with victims or perpetrators for them to be able to contemplate their workplace relations, their options to take action on specific situations and set goals for the future. Conflict coaching may be applied as an initial intervention approach to address patterns of unwelcome behaviour or conflict.

    - Change manager coaching - through this coaching activity we work with individuals helping them implement change efforts, identify potential roadblocks and options to overcome them.

    - Management coaching - through this form of coaching we work with leaders, managers or team leaders to improve time efficiency, team management, communication among many.

    Our coaching solutions are future and action-oriented, and are built on trust as well as confidentiality. Important, we recommend you get in touch with us if:

    - One or more of your colleagues have complex or challenging needs to develop, and they are best met through a one-on-one learning process.

    - There are communication challenges and differences between teams or colleagues.

    - Other forms of learning and development programmes such as training have not delivered results or are unlikely to be successful.

    Our coaching solutions can be delivered on-site or online.

Thank you for the session. Simple yet powerful coaching techniques, tools and advice.
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