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Change Management

We build organizational change capabilities and offer a broad range of personalized solutions to organizational and culture change transformations.

The impact of failed change initiatives

In today’s context, organizations are increasingly presented with a paradox: they are often required to implement change efforts, and at the same time know that most change initiatives fail, or, don’t fully deliver on their intentions. Indeed, McKinsey in its landmark research showed that 70% of change initiatives simply fail, a number that has been supported by other studies from the likes of the Boston Consulting Group or Bain and Co. Why do change initiatives fail? And, perhaps, more importantly: what is the impact of failed change initiatives?

Change initiatives fail because of a number of reasons. These may include the lack of planning or execution of change initiatives, the lack of competence or commitment of those who are commencing change initiatives, the lack of buy-in, skillset or desired behaviour from employees, or the lack of alignment between organizational value systems with change interventions.

The impact of failed change initiatives range from lost investment in the change programme, decreased employee motivation or morale, lost confidence in leadership, or, even, the resistance to change may increase. In the long term, this may lead to an increased likelihood for future change programmes to fail. On the other hand, organisations that succeed in their change efforts can reach strategic goals or improve employee motivation and engagement. They can also strengthen the change management muscles of their people; a crucial component in any change effort.

Change Management
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See how we supported a network of change agents at the United Nations System.

Making Change management project successful

Over the last years, our change management experts have worked together with a variety of global clients across diverse cultures and environments helping them achieve their change management objectives. Through our engagements, we deploy the most suitable and impactful change management tools or solutions that we always adapt to meet the specific needs, circumstances and situations of our clients. Our approach is grounded in the latest research findings and years of experience.


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