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UNOPS Latin America and the Caribbean

Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, UNOPS brings innovative solutions to humanitarian crises and long-standing peace, security and development issues. Coordinated from Panama, UNOPS works with partners to provide sustainable housing solutions and income-generating opportunities. UNOPS in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region (LCR) has a workforce of around 700 people whom contribute to the operations and projects of 14 countries of the region, such as in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, Mexico or the Caribbean Countries.

The employe wellbeing report helped us better understand the challenges our workforce is facing. Thank you for this excellent collaboration. - Senior HR Specialist at UNOPS

Through this client engagement we supported the UNOPS Latin America and the Caribbean secretariat, through an online survey and analysis, for them to better understand the impact the pandemic has had on the overall emotional, social and physical wellbeing of employees.


Ask employees what resources they would need to help them improve their wellbeing and what resources have they found the most effective and helpful to cope with emotional and mental strain during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We designed and run an online anonymous survey in 4 languages, analysed and synthesized data and provided the secretariat with our recommendations in a written report form, as well as a high-level presentation to the leadership of UNOPS Latin America and the Caribbean.


The employee wellbeing survey helped the HR team and leadership of UNOPS Latin America and the Caribbean region to better understand the challenges personnel are facing. It also identified a number of solutions with which the secretariat can support its employees with improving their emotional, social and mental wellbeing.