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UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia

UNODC began its presence in Central Asia in 1993 with the establishment of its Regional Office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Today, ROCA supports five countries in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and three countries in the Southern Caucasus: Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia to reduce abuse and trade of illicit drugs, counter transnational organized crime and corruption, and prevent terrorism. UNODC ROCA has seven Programme Offices in the region.

Thank you very much for the exciting training. Many issues were well disclosed and covered. - Training participant


The main objective of the online training was to refresh the skills and knowledge of both staff and managers on how they can be effective in tackling and preventing sexual harassment and exploitation at the workplace. The training was also aimed at supporting the learning and behaviour change of personnel across the different regional offices of UNODC ROCA for them to adopt new ways of interacting with colleagues which respects the code of conduct of the UN.


To deliver highly effective and tailor-made training we designed an anonymous online survey to learn more about the training needs of the target group. The survey was available in both English and Russian. Based on the survey results as well as a series of comprehensive interviews with key personnel we designed and delivered a series of online training for staff and managers (English and Russian).


Through the learning sessions we trained over 100 staff members and 40 managers. The trainings gave participants a refresher on the main points they need to remember about sexual harassment, enhanced their understanding on what constitutes misconduct, improved their skill sets for them to be more effective in preventing and tackling sexual harassment, and provided examples of cultural differences in perceptions of harassment.