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Council of Europe - Centre of Expertise for Good Governance

How can public authorities best implement teleworking arrangements for civil servants? What are the actual steps public sector organisations should follow in setting up successful teleworking programs? The Council of Europe - Centre of Expertise for Good Governance engaged with us to develop a practical Toolkit to support central, regional and local governments in the development up and implementation of teleworking programs.

Dell Boomi

Work-life balance is a thread that is woven in the fabric of Dell's internationally acknowledged workplace culture. Therefore, it was an absolute privilege to conduct an online 'Lunch and Learn' session for the Dell Boomi team on improving work-life balance.


Even in remotely working teams, it is highly important that staff remain healthy, happy and engaged in their work. To provide a fresh perspective and insight on work-life balance the Own Brand and Design Deployment team at Tesco engaged with us to deliver online training at its Placeholder Team Day.

Security and Safety Service (SSS) United Nations Office at Vienna International Centre

How can the Security and Safety team at the UN in Vienna contribute to a safe and inclusive workplace and improve client service? This was the initial question on which we were tasked with designing and delivering a Training of Trainers on Inclusion for Greater Security and Teamwork.

UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

To contribute to promoting a healthy, inclusive and safe workplace for everyone at UNODC, while meeting the standards of the Code of Conduct, the organization engaged with us to develop an online training and individual coaching sessions for UNODC managers on preventing and tackling sexual harassment at the workplace.

ILO - International Labour Organizations

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, international organizations around the globe have been advocating for the implementation of a range of social and employment policies or dedicating resources to research development. ILO engaged with us to develop a Practical Guide on Teleworking and contribute to its broader work in developing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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