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Edwards Lifesciences

Founded in 1958, Edwards Lifesciences is an American medical technology company headquartered in Irvine, California. Edwards is the global leader of patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease and critical care monitoring. Its European headquarter is located in Nyon, Switzerland.

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Edwards takes a comprehensive approach to promote a workplace of health and wellbeing. Over the last decades it has built a culture of health through leadership commitment; a focus on patients, employees, and their families; strategic communications to raise awareness and encourage staff participation; and dedication to program measurement and evaluation. Next to its benefits programmes, Edwards is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming culture where all of its employees can grow and thrive in a supportive global environment. Some of the company's flagship diversity and inclusion initiatives include Women in Leadership or the Fair and Equitable Pay programme.


The highly interactive, practical 2-hours online workshop on work-life balance provided participants with a foundational understanding of the key work-life balance concepts and build relevant skills to help participants translate these concepts effectively into practice in their everyday lives. The theory is based on the most recent work-life balance research, including concepts such as work-life conflict, boundary management or work-life trade-offs. To tailor the session to the actual needs of the participants and gauge the learning needs, interests and challenges of we designed and run a pre-workshop survey.

The 2-hour session included personal reflection, group discussion, dilemmas, quizzes and a role-play exercise. By the end of the work-life balance workshop participants were empowered to improve their work-life balance by recognising their work-life trade-offs, work-life conflict, the porous boundaries and develop their personal Work-Life Balance Plan.