the WorkLife HUB training offer

the WorkLife HUB offers various training options in different formats to suit your needs. From Webinars to online training, from workshops to one-on-one coaching, our training offer takes into account your learning needs, objectives, team sizes and availability.

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Why work with us?

The world of work as well as people's needs are in constant change. In our work we encounter managers and employees, who do not have the necessary skills or confidence to navigate this new reality. Be it flexible working, managing remote teams, ensuring employees have a good work-life balance: these may not come naturally to everyone. We are here to help! Having trained over thousand employees and managers globally - off and online - we are confident we have the right training offering for you.

What can you learn?

These are the issues we cover in our trainings, among others:

Line manager training on flexible working

Supporting team-leaders and managers with work-organisation, prioritisation, time-management, communication (e.g. sensitive conversations) and performance management.

You can read here in greater detail how we supported the team-leaders at UN Women during the pandemic in managing their remote teams with teleworking.

Gender equality and diversity

Organisations that strive to improve the representation of women and minority groups across their entire workforce and in management may or may not have a policy in place. But having a policy is only the beginning, it takes managed change and supporting employees adapt their mindset, recognise and interrupt unconscious bias and integrate the principles of equality and inclusion.

Here is a description of the training we delivered to supporting the EFTA Secretariat with their Gender equality policy at work.

Achieving better Work-Life Balance for teams

One of our most popular workshops is supporting busy professionals with finding a better work-life balance. These sessions are usually short and tailored so that they fit into a lunch-break. The training covers some theory, but is mostly focused on empowering participants with very practical tools and accessible resources on prioritisation, time-management, unconscious bias around flexible working.

Among other companies, we delivered 2 lunch n' learn sessions for the European HQ of Mastercard, for 80 of their employees.

Psychosocial risks at the workplace

A number of factors can cause stress and irritation to employees, which over a period of time can increase the risk of burnout and decrease employee wellbeing and engagement. Addressing these risk-factors offers an opportunity to employers to greatly enhance the daily experience of employees, their wellbeing, sense of motivation and physical and mental health. What are some of the risk categories that our training addresses:

  • the physical work environment
  • relationships at work (e.g. trust, harassment or bullying)
  • management and communication
  • work organisation
  • working conditions
  • work-life balance

Read more how we supported both Oxfam International and CONCORD Europe with identifying and addressing psychosocial risks.

If you would like to learn more about our training offers, how we may help you close the skills gaps in your organisation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.