Our approach to workplace culture consultancy

Our workplace culture consultancy process is based on understanding the current state of your organization, its strategic goals and future aspirations. We work through a classical consulting approach that includes the following steps:


At this stage, based on our initial discussions with our clients, we focus on the planned deliverables that may include reports, presentations, training materials, workshops, workplace assessments or research papers. Our engagements also often focus on delivering predefined outcomes that may target skills development, learning and development objectives or implementation objectives.

During this phase, we outline key responsibilities, deliverables and deadlines. Our approach is to establish regular and transparent communication with our clients during the engagements. This is underpinned by regular client reviews and feedback that we gather after the completion of each deliverable.


In this stage, our work focuses on collecting information through data gathering via surveys, focus groups or in-depth interviews with managers or HR colleagues; combing through all relevant and available internal documents such as annual reports or survey results, or looking at publicly available sources externally. This stage is essential for us to understand the needs of our clients, tailor our services, scope engagements, understand the seriousness of the issues at hand and identify the most impactful solutions. We always handle the collected information with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.


After having collected a sufficient amount of data and information we analyse it and consider what are the most relevant results and what recommendations we can formulate from them. In this part of the process, our goal is to focus on identifying areas that deliver the most value to our clients through identifying issues, explaining context and connections, and, most importantly, pinpointing solutions. Our approach to solutions is always to provide our clients with concise and easy to understand points that are implementable and acceptable for them.


At the create step we convert the findings into written text such as reports, recommendations, toolkits or other forms of outputs that can be applied by our clients. They may also take the form of workshops, coaching sessions, series of training sessions or training of the trainers' methodologies.

Counsel and implement

Our engagements end with the presentation of our findings and recommendations. Also, we often support our clients with presenting our deliverables at board meetings, all-hands or committee meetings.

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