We have conducted hundreds of seminars, workshops and delivered keynote presentations on leadership, organisational culture, change management, entrepreneurship and work-life integration. Below are a few of the topics we regularly speak about, however, we are happy to explore with you other topics of interest to your audience and customize to fit the background and diversity of participants.

Boundary management and the impact of digital technologies on work-life balance

This is our most popular and most requested talks. Organisations undergoing dramatic changes in the way they work, will have to adapt to the challenges of a 24/7 connected world. How can employees manage the boundaries between their work and private and family lives? What can line-managers do, and how to work with a remote and flexible team? Supported by the latest research and dotted with real-life company examples, audiences find a lot of inspiration and motivation to get started in their own companies.

Why every organisation needs a work-life integration manager?

Based on our book, One Life, and Webinar series, this thought-provoking presentation is going to revolutionize how you think about people management and is exactly what your HR department needs to find new meaning and purpose, and to balance digital processes with culture-change, talent management and employee wellbeing and happiness.

"The presentation was really inspiring and thought-provoking, I learnt from other company examples about initiatives, that I never would have thought of myself. The talk was really engaging and energetic." (audience member Zukunft Personal 2016)

Customized to fit your needs

We will work with you to customize a key-note presentation or workshop to suit the needs of your target audience, topic and focus of the event. We can help to motivate and engage your staff, management or clients to move towards positive change.

If you want to discuss opportunities or have queries on which service suits your organisation best, please feel free to get in touch.

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