Public and private sector organizations use presentations to educate, motivate and inform their external and internal audiences at their events. These presentations can be built into change programmes, internal training activities, communication campaigns, special events or celebrations, like International Women’s Day, Wellbeing Weeks, World Mental Health Day etc.

Our experience is that a well-tailored presentation or talk, with a specific focus, may contribute to increased employee engagement, reinforce the values and mission of organizations, and help celebrate special occasions. From keynotes on work-life balance, flexible working or workplace culture to workshops and training on bias or preventing sexual harassment at work, our presentations will deliver valuable insight, focus on tangible solutions and tips and tools that can be implemented at a personal, team and organizational level.

Possible formats of our public and private speaking engagements

Our speakers can be booked from shorter interventions (from 10 minutes to 1 hour-long presentation) including lunch and learn sessions or expert panel discussions, to longer sessions (from half-day, full-day to multiple days) such as training or workshops.

Our public speaking solutions also include the chairing, facilitation and moderation of different events such as corporate talks, forums or networking events. For example, in the past, we facilitated the closing events of international project meetings, an activity that included the identification and booking of speakers, coordination of their presentations, pre-event update calls and the actual facilitation of the meetings.

We deliver our speaking engagements in both online and face-to-face formats.

public speaking - the WorkLife HUB - work-life balance event at Huawei

Working with us

Through every speaking engagement, we always make sure that our presentations are aligned with the goals and objectives of the event. Therefore, we start every engagement with a preliminary meeting with our clients, or, if possible, run a pre-event survey to understand the audience and their needs. We often liaise with other speakers or the moderator of the discussions, and always customize our slides to capture the objectives of the meeting. We also share our presentation with our clients before the event so as to be transparent and seek out their feedback.

There are a number of topics that we are asked to speak about

  • Work-life balance and work-life conflict in the new normal
  • Hybrid workplace and workforce in the post-COVID era
  • Employee wellbeing at work-life balance
  • What are the success factors to managing a remote workforce
  • The D&I dimensions of flexible working
  • Working parents and carers
  • Practical tips to effectively working from home
  • The Future of Work

Take advantage of our years of consulting, speaking and research experience. We will work with you to customize a key-note presentation or workshop to suit the needs of your target audience, topic and the focus of your event.

If you want to discuss opportunities or have queries on which service suits your organisation best, please feel free to get in touch.

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