Our implementation services guide, support and enable our clients to improve their organization's efficiency. They include:

Change and Project Management

Through our change and project management services we conduct implementation pilots on areas such as agile working, flexible working or smart working initiatives; produce project documentation (work-life balance strategies, flexible working policies or project reports); create stakeholder strategies; construct communication and engagement plans (run and create employee surveys, focus group discussions, record and disseminate specific podcast series); run impact assessments etc.

Capacity building and Training

We facilitate technical discussions (group discussions, Brown Bag Sessions, virtual meetings ...), run capacity building as well as skills development workshops (training of employees, line managers or internal change agents). In addition, we assist our clients with setting up training curricula, methodology, skills and behaviour assessments, or run ad-hoc training sessions on topics such as gender, inclusive organisational culture, unconscious bias, wellbeing or work-life balance.

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