Our services help our clients by positioning their work at the forefront of the latest developments, at the intersection of technology, work, wellbeing and performance. 


In partnership with event organisers we support them in reaching out to new potential sponsors, participants and speakers. We provide them with opportunities for podcasts with the keynote speakers to give a taster ahead of the event and the caliber of the speakers to a broader audience. 

  • Pre-conference podcasts, Blog articles and webinars
  • Video interviews at the event
  • Maintaining a regular Blogging schedule
  • Social media promotion
  • Tailored specific articles on key topics

Books and research

We provide a solid platform for authors and researchers, thought-leaders to share their latest work via one of our channels, either through a podcast episode (6000 listeners, 23 countries), Blog articles and interviews or video interviews. 

Our mission is to change attitudes, mentalities and behaviour around work, work-life balance, organisational culture and leadership. If you have a book, an event or another initiative that is aligned with our values and purpose, we are happy to start a conversation around how to amplify the message using our expertise, tools and platform. 

If you want to discuss opportunities or have queries on which service suits your organisation best, please feel free to get in touch.

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