What is holding back your organisation from becoming an employer of choice and providing outstanding employee experience? Are you offering the type of workplace to your employees that even your customers and shareholders are proud of?

Over the past 8 years we have been researching the key ingredients of what makes organisations truly outstanding workplaces and attractive to the best talent out there. After interviewing hundreds of experts, industry leaders and working with the best organisations we have broken down their success formula brick by brick, and are able to translate it for your specific needs.

Our ground-breaking, unique Work-Life Integration Maturity model is now accessible to you, we help you step-by-step building and improving internal processes and leadership to become the fantastic workplace we know you can be.

Work-Life Integration maturity model


Your business objectives, clients, employees and strategic objectives are unique to you. We help you align your business goals with your human resource management needs to attract and retain talent, prevent and reduce burnout and absenteeism, facilitate return from leaves (maternity, parental, career break or illness), reduce employee turnover and build a vibrant and attractive workplace culture. We do this via the following services:

  • Personalised survey and assessment
  • Employee questionnaires and surveys adapted to your needs
  • Formulating strategic goals
  • Setting up and facilitating Work-Life Advisory groups
  • Employee resource groups
  • Internal policies and guidelines


How to engage with your workforce? What are the main challenges of your employees? What are the main channels of communication between leadership and staff members? Did you know that regularly checking in with your employees is already contributing to higher employee engagement scores? Here are some of the possible formulas:

  • Workshops and focus groups
  • Lunch seminars
  • Webinars
  • Presentation of survey findings to employees and leadership teams
  • One-on-one coaching sessions


We help you design information collection, identifying key indicators and success factors to monitor and build the compelling business case for change. A number of digital tools collect information and data, which can provide invaluable insight into employee engagement, behaviour and the perception of your company by employees and customers. We can help with a number of tools:

  • Happy or Not terminal and web-smiley
  • Internal platforms and HCM tools for data collection
  • Making sense of data

Global and local

The context of your operation matters. Every country and region is different with their own legislation, culture and norms. We bring together these two perspectives to inform decisions based on key global trends, while firmly rooted in local realities and engaging with the community. We provide expertise on the following:

  • Mapping of the legal environment
  • Culture and norms in the country of operation
  • Employment and social, economic and demographic trends
  • Industry best practices and benchmarking

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