What is the aspirational culture you want to achieve? Why are you in business in the first place? What is your purpose? These are some of the questions that Herman Miller asks it's clients that will help design a space that will be aligned with their individual, unique needs and aspirations.

We spend so much time at work, it's incredibly important that we feel happy there. However, usually unless there is a move to a new premise, there is little thought invested in how we work, how the places and spaces cater to our needs to be at our most creative, most effective and have the most impact. Do you have to crawl under a desk to plug in your laptop? Is the meeting room for clients only, not for employees? The only place to speak on the phone for a confidential or private conversation the bathroom or outside?

As our work changes, our workplace has to adapt

The discussion is much more complicated than open plan versus individual offices. How do people get work done? Where do they find inspiration? How can they achieve great, effortless collaboration? Space and places need to make this happen and allow employees to adapt their behaviour, their habits around the opportunities the space offers to make meaningful connections, effortless collaboration and be an enabler for innovative and effective work to happen.

Robots vs. Humans

Many leaders are worried about the smart machines taking over, trade unions are up in arms about robots stealing jobs, AI is already at a level where it outperforms humans in many of our tasks. But I have never seen so many articles about worrying about the kinds of chairs we ask people to sit all day - are they comfortable, do they have back-pain? What about enough water to drink, possibilities to take some air regularly and engage in even the lightest exercise. The robots are pushing us to engage in a deeper reflection about what makes us human, and how can we nurture it to live meaningful lives, achieve success in and outside of work and be happy. What are our human needs and drivers, that need to be studied, understood and aligned with the objectives of the business or organisation?

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