This week's episode features Neil Usher, senior property, workplace, facilities and change management leader. Neil is the former Workplace Director of the multi-award winning Sky Central offices. We are talking about the role of future workplaces, what is the real power of physical spaces, and his recently released book: The Elemental Workplace: The 12 Elements for Creating a Fantastic Workplace for Everyone.

Episode highlights:

You have been involved in the workplace industry for more than 25 years now. What is your opinion? What are the drivers behind today's workplace trends?

"It has always been a fascinating time in workplaces, but what has changed over the last years is people’s consciousness about the positive contribution that workplaces can make to the productivity of organisations. The challenge is far from over. What is important for businesses and workplaces that today's consciousness remains."

What did you discover in the writing process of the book?

"The Workplace is never finished. It is always in beta, therefore, so is the book."

Also, in this podcast:

  • Why everyone needs a fantastic workplace to work in?
  • What are the top challenges of modern workplaces?
  • What is the one thing Neil would have done differently in the creation of the Sky Central offices project?
  • What would be Neil's most important advice to a CEO when embarking on a workplace transformation project?

Over the last 26 years Neil Usher managed property, workplace and service within media, music, film, mining and engineering environments in over thirty countries. To know more about the work of Neil visit his personal blog at: