There is usually at least one thing in common between our podcast guests (in addition to their interest of improving people's lives and work experience), and it is a powerful experience or pivotal moment in their lives. This moment came for Martin not during the early years in his entrepreneurial journey of starting and failing companies, but when he decided to become a management consultant and suffered a bout of insomnia. 

Sacrifices and pain as key to success? 

Martin, a master storyteller takes listeners through his journey of eventually finding the right partners and figuring out that there isn't just one type of entrepreneurship and work doesn't have to be all consuming. He and his business partners put their children, their health and their social lives first and a very inspiring picture emerges. 

As they went about creating their multiple ventures, one of them Rainmaking, a successful accelerator and co-working network for startups, they were curious to find and learn from other successful entrepreneurs who decided to go about making a legacy while preserving the right balance with their private and family lives. 

So Martin and his co-author Jordan Milne travelled the world and interviewed successful business men and women, and asked them about their recipes for Winning without Losing.

3 things

Martin is giving plenty of inspiring examples from the inspiring role-models, and one is particularly great. Following advice from the greatly successful Indian businessman N. R. Narayana Murthy, instead of making a To-Do list, make a Today list. What are the three most important things, that if you accomplish them today will take you closer to your long-term goal. Execute on them and then allow yourself to feel good about them. 

In this digital age we can work endlessly, our work is never finished, our To-do list never empty. Nobody dies with an empty inbox. 

It takes important conversations, sometimes flying in the face of convention, small behaviour changes and courageously imagining the life you want to live to making it happen. 

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