If you are already putting together your reading list ahead of the end of year holidays, make sure you also include this one: "Building a Culture of Innovation: A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business". It has been recently shortlisted for Management Book of the Year. The three authors have taken their diverse backgrounds in management consulting, design and change management coupled with their practical experience to present a very practical framework to make sure your organisation has what it takes to keep ahead of the curve. 

Too short. Too sharp. Too shallow.

In this podcast episode we speak with one of the authors and co-founders of Culture Consultancy, Jo Geraghty about the book and the principles and key pillars for any culture change effort. Jo points out that following the latest financial crisis many companies have understood the threat of going out of business due to a number of reasons, and so valuing a culture of innovation and working towards building one was top of mind for CEOs. However, as she remarks, many companies went down the quick-fix route and thought that by renewing their vision and slogan, up-dating their office and putting slogans on the walls the cultural transformation project was a done deal. 

6-step framework

If you are serious about wanting to keep your company going, you need to prepare yourself and commit to a much more longer, strategic and systematic process of designing and embedding a culture of innovation in your company. The book offers a very practical framework of 6 steps, from understanding where you are today to putting together a leadership team that is going to lead on the change process, really drive it and keep everyone on board, and see it to completion. 

Perhaps you may be asking, why are we talking about a culture of innovation on the WorkLife podcast? Because people are at the heart of innovation, and you will have to create the engaging and motivating working conditions for the employees to not only execute, but co-create the innovation necessary. Leadership, employee engagement, transparency and communication must be the cornerstones for any initiative for it to be empowering, sustainable and effective. 

People at the heart of innovation

Our belief is that putting your trust and empowering employees will return great benefits for any company. Jo illustrates it beautifully with a couple of very practical examples of change initiatives worth listening to. One is from an old, established manufacturing company, which saw parts of its production taken away by a startup, and had to radically re-design how innovation happened and how it engaged its people. Another example is from a law practice, where following a merger to very different organisational styles had to be reconciled to ensure that a productive cooperation could take place. 

The recipe for success

What are some of the key elements for the culture change process to last and deliver results on innovation, engagement and ultimately business results? Listen to our open and friendly conversation with Jo, and buy the book either here, or directly from the Culture Consultancy.

Jo Geraghty can also be found on Twitter.