Besides its many advantages, the use of social technologies across companies requires maturity, experimentation, time to address resistance, integrating lessons learnt and coping with failures. In this podcast episode, trend-catcher Isabel De Clercq breaks down what social technologies are for us, how organisations can instil confidence into the use of them and why she became so passionate about learning.

Have you ever posted a tweet or a Blog about something you were working on? Not the finished product, but something in the making? Are you in the habit of running ideas by your colleagues? Testing or experimenting with solutions? Social technologies in enterprise settings are a relatively new phenomenon - so don't worry, if you haven't heard about it yet. But it's likely, that your organisation is using one or another form of it, to either attract customers, to collaborate between teams or to ensure employees have access to new skills and knowledge.

Lots of eye-opening information about social technologies on this episode, as Agnes and Isabel cover the following questions:

- How people learn in a-synchronous interactions?
- How do people usually learn in virtual communities?
- How can organisations make sure that learning and working are not separate entities?
- What is the link between learning and languages?
- How to make sure that online communities become and stay active?

“Ideas emerge in the act of writing!”

How ‘Working Out Loud?’ and using social technologies help both employees and organisations?

The walls of organisations and departments are less rigid and much more permeable. Employees work alongside contract agents, freelancers, board members and other internal and external stakeholders. Success is a group effort, and the more effective the communication and knowledge exchange between these groups, the faster and more efficient the process is. Helping the planet is another reason among cost-cutting, why some companies opt for video meetings more often instead of travelling - as the evolution of high quality, affordable video conferencing tools are at the reach of everyone.

Also in this podcast:

What are social technologies and why it is vital for organisations to change their perception on it?
Examples of companies already using and benefiting from social technologies.

An evengaliser of Working Out Loud, Isabel De Clercq is passionate about discovering the interaction between people, brands, social technologies and organisational change. Her book, Social Technologies in Business: Connect, Share, Lead stands at the intersection of technologies and people. To learn more about social technologies and the work of Isabel, don’t hesitate to connect with her via LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.