For this episode of the podcast, I met with Denis Pennel, Managing Director of CIETT and EUROCIETT in his office to talk about his latest book "The Ego revolution at work". A published author, Denis is among the top HR Influencers, and the book is incredibly well balanced and presents in a very structured manner the evolution of the employment relationships, and why it is time to think of a new system.

The polarisation and de-standardisation of the labour market are happening gradually but steadily, yet the social security systems are still organised and financed around the full-time, open-ended employment relationship model.

What are some of the major shifts in the New World of Work?

  • Labour markets are becoming increasingly complex and diverse
  • The global working population has doubled in the past 30 years with India, China and former USSR countries joining the global labour market
  • De-standardisation of the employment relationship - moving away from the norm of full time, open ended contracts
  • Development of new forms of work (part-time, fixed-term, agency, temporary contracts)
  • The transition between different forms is much more fluid and quicker (from employment to freelance, at the same time having a full-time job but launching a startup)
What will have to change in the future for sure, is to ensure that there is a safety net for all types of workers. The one size fits all system is no longer viable.

To keep up with the New World of Work, why not have a look and follow Denis' Scoop-It page, or his French Blog: La nouvelle réalité du travail.