When Adam Grant, the star of organisational development praises your book, you know you have done well. Caroline Webb has mastered beautifully the challenge of gathering research and evidence from different disciplines, including behavioural economics, neuroscience and psychology and translated it into the Manual for the Modern Working Life.

Can you really have a Good day, everyday?

The answer is yes. But it does take some effort, and in particular mindfulness about a certain number of things and practice. Now think back for a moment to this morning, your commute or drive or ride to work, how you entered your workplace, the first couple of minutes being there. Was it pleasant? Did it energize you for a great day ahead, or did you feel already tired and sluggish after the first couple of Minutes at your desk. Chances are you may be experiencing emotional contagion, when the bad mood of a coworker is rubbing of on you and other team members. Or you may have been going with the flow, and not being deliberate about focusing on the positives and the great things you can accomplish.

Common sense.. or is it?

I was burning to ask one question particularly from Caroline, which is, well don't we all know this already? Caroline kindly accommodated me being the devil's advocate by drawing our attention to a very important distinction between knowing about something in general (i.e. exercise is good for you and important for health), and understanding in greater detail the mechanisms and benefits (taking a brisk walk to freshen up and gain more perspective before taking an important decision, as even a 10-15 Minutes aerobic exercise can boost our brain power, make us more creative and take better decisions). This is what is so brilliant about Caroline's book, it marries the science with the everyday situations you and me both experience in work and in our lives in general, and helping in a very practical way to help us make a positive change.

Go for it, acknowledge your efforts and pat yourself on the back

Change is difficult, we all know. But if you are interested in improving your life, your performance and those of the people around you, then some changes will have to happen. In particular, the knowledge in the book is vital for Leaders who wish to create the kind of sustainable platform for people to be consistently being at their best performance. There are tools for making these changes, and one of them is to be kind to ourselves, even if we don't succeed at first. Our society has become so focused on instant success, that we forget that everything takes practice and time, and to be a bit more lenient with ourselves on our journeys and patting ourselves on the back for the effort.

Hope these snippets of wisdom from Caroline's book gave you the appetite to go and explore more. You can do this on her website, which is full of amazing content, as well as the first chapter of her book for free. I also encourage you to follow Caroline on her social media channels, as she posts something new everyday.

If you like audiobooks, then we absolutely recommend you listening to How to Have a Good Day, read by the author.