In one of our podcast episodes in which we host some of the key-note speakers of the Work 2.0 London event, we had a fantastic discussion with Bruce Daisley of Twitter. We spoke with him about how he became passionate about studying and researching happiness at work, as well as what was his main motive in understanding the direction in which work is evolving.

According to Bruce’s research we tend to laugh less at our workplaces, and work no longer creates rewarding experiences anymore. Bruce is on a mission to advocate for a modern workplace; one that provides meaningful connections, creativity and increased productivity to all.

On this episode of the WorkLife HUB podcast Agnes and Bruce discuss

- What are the workplace practices which still frustrates Bruce?

- Attention is finite. We can only give our attention to a certain amount of things before our brain gets overwhelmed. Why are we struggling nowadays to get things done? And, what are potential remedies?

- We take a look through the key-hole of Twitter and learn about its workplace culture and practices.

- How work is organised at Twitter?

- How to start pushing back against work overload? 

- What is deep work and why we all should be practicing it?

- How companies can empower their employees to monitor their energy and work flow?

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If you are interested in learning more about Bruce’s work or listening to his podcast show please visit Eat Sleep Work Repeat. Also, Bruce, together with Sue Todd, have recently published the New Work Manifesto on how to change workplace culture that promote happiness at work. You can check it out here!

You can connect with Bruce on LinkedIn and Twitter

This podcast was created through our media partnership with the Work 2.0 conference organised in London on 24-25 April 2018. For more information please visit the conference website.