For the second time we are proud to support the Chatham House conference on the  'Future of Work' as media partners. The event will focus on Productivity, jobs, human capital and a changing labour market. The conference will bring together technology experts, industry leaders and policy-makers to discuss these ongoing developments and evaluate their impact on the future world of work.

The Future of Work as a global issue is so massive, and so pressing, solving the problems created in its wake requires the collaboration and the communication of different actors, policy makers, private companies, researchers globally. What better place to discuss a number of crucial issues linked to the change than the renown Chatham House, which will host a number of highly experienced and interesting speakers. James Manyika, the director of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) will be there, alongside László Andor, the former European Commissioner, as well as Thorben Albrecht, the Permanent State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany and Betsy Masiello, Senior Director Global Public Policy and Economics for Uber will also share the perspective of the Platform economy. 

The event is structured around 4 distinct sessions, and in our Podcast Ben gives a glimpse into the key issues to be discussed in them. These sessions are: 

Session One | Labour Market Dynamics and Productivity Challenges

This session will explore major labour market trends and the productivity challenges for existing economic models and identify appropriate policy and industry responses.

Session Two | Skills Provision and Human Capital Investment

This session will examine regional labour demand, skills provision strategies and human capital investment to explore approaches for increasing productivity and employment opportunities.

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Session Three | Technology and the Future World of Work

This session will focus on technological trends and their impact on the world of work, exploring the implications for different sectors and economies.

Session Four | The Gig Economy and the Rise of the Independent Worker

This session will scrutinize the concept of the ‘gig economy’, identifying challenges for adapting regulatory frameworks to balance flexibility with security whilst enabling market access through new labour market platforms. It's still very early days, we need to remember, that these platform economies have only been around less than a decade. 

The conference will bring together all the different actors that really need to be sitting at the same table and discuss these issues to advance together towards possible solutions. 

To find out more about the event and to register, click here