As a young design student at one of Germany’s top Universities, Bastian Unterberg found himself contemplating his career options. Looking at his peers, top creative young talents ending up in rigid organisations with hierarchies, he understood that he imagines his life differently. He was dreaming of a place where young creative can be mobilised for exciting projects for them to truly unleash their talent and accelerate innovation. At the time such a place didn’t exist, so he went ahead and created in 2006. To date, they have solved over 400 challenges with a community of 80.000 creative professionals from non-profit campaigns to physical spaces, packaging or service design.

The young people, who are embracing this new way of working, which is flexible, project-based, competitive and offering an incredibly steep learning curve are the generation who has their own ideas about living, working and consuming. They take full responsibility for their work and time, they are incredibly social and pro-active. This is the future of work and it is a great example of the gig economy, offering freedom and autonomy to the “workers” by creating a global talent pool in a value-based work environment with very high engagement and innovation potential for the clients. The main currency on the platform is trust and reputation, as the necessary mechanisms are all in place to protect the designers, protect the clients, but match the needs with the highest level of creative talent.

Bastian Unterberg, co-author of Crowdstorm: The Future of Innovation, Ideas and Problem Solving, is one of the speakers at the Zukunft Personal 2016, and our podcast is a little teaser of what to expect from this brilliant entrepreneur and visionary.