Dr. Shaun Davis has an important and also really challenging portfolio. He is responsible for health, safety, wellbeing and sustainability at Royal Mail, with the Group employing a total of 160.000 across a number of divisions and functions. This means, that 1 in every 180 people works for Royal Mail. 

Shaun has always been interested and passionate about health and the environment people worked in, and he is also driven by the fact that health and wellbeing has always been a really underdeveloped aspect of health & safety and there is a lot to do there. He has taken a great interest in stress, anxiety and pressure at work, and is working towards not only keeping people safe at work, but also helping them be their best and healthiest at work and also outside of work. 

Here are some of the Highlights from our conversation: 

You cannot do health 'to people' - it's something you 'do with them". What is very important is getting people to understand why health - your personal health and that of your colleagues - is so important for the organisation. 

Instead of launching a number of different programmes, it is important to have a strategic framework which allows people to anchor the different campaigns and initiatives in. 

Peer testimonies are much more powerful then top-down communication. If someone in the organisation shares their experience about one or the other programme, and how it impacted them, it will be much more effective. 

Leadership has a very important role to play in both standing behind health initiatives and championing them

When it comes to men, find creative ways to engage them in the conversation or get the right information to them, Shaun has great examples for this. 

Empowering people to take responsibility and ownership for their own health and wellbeing

And perhaps the most important lesson we learnt from this conversation:

There is no monopoly on keeping people healthy and safe at work!

Don’t wait for perfection!! If you wait for the perfect moment to come, the perfect budget or initiative, you won't do anything. Just start now, even with smaller, incomplete actions, and let employees pick up the enthusiasm and come up with their own way of embracing the issue. 

You can connect with Shaun on LinkedIn and Twitter

This podcast was created through our media partnership with the Work 2.0 conference organised in London on 24-25 April 2018. For more information please visit the conference website.