Driven by a need and a desire to improve the experience of customers, EDF Energy launched Blue Lab, which is a collaboration hub between the different actors and innovators in the energy sector. Keeping in mind the high degree of regulation, political sensitivity and low margins of the sector, it was absolutely vital for EDF Energy to create a space in which they can foster innovative projects. 

In our conversation with Richard, we tackle on the one hand what EDF Energy is doing in the innovations space for consumers, and on the other hand, how EDF implemented New Ways of Working for its employees and contractors. 

New Ways of Working

- EDF Energy intended to both become a more caring company as an employer for their 160.000 employees, and also improve performance to keep up with market demands

- Following a learning expedition across different country offices, they recognised the need to tackle both absenteeism (people on sickness leave due to burnout and stress) and presenteeism (people not taking the time away from work they would need to). 

- The programme was built on 3 main axes, on the interaction of the physical work environment, human interaction through leadership and organisational culture, as well as adapted IT systems. 

- There are a great variety of jobs across the group from white collar, call-centres, as well as engeneering and industrial groups, so the NWOW had to cater to all these different employee segments (hence the Nuclear power plant in Scotland - listen in for more on this).


Not only does EDF Energy welcome applications from candidates with very different backgrounds, they also actively contribute to growing the talent pool, in particular by specific actions towards encouraging girls and women to enter STEM fields of studies, by demonstrating the benefits of working in the energy sector, and the kinds of quality job opportunities it can provide. 

Innovation for energy consumers

How could energy consumption big data serve vulnerable and elderly consumers? Watch this video introducing HOWZ, the winner of the 2017 EDF Pulse Awards in the Smart Home category: 

You can find out more about Blue Lab here, and also connect with Richard Burton via LinkedIn

This podcast was created through our media partnership with The Agile Working Event organised in London on 15 March 2018. For more information please visit the conference website.