On this episode of the WorkLife podcast Agnes and Professor Isaac Getz discuss:

- A 4 years long research on liberated companies and organisations that led the two authors, Professor Getz, and Brian M. Carney, to the writing of the Freedom, Inc. book.

- How organisations can be governed where managers are not telling people what to do?

- How employees can self-direct in teams?

- What is an enlightened leader? Who is a liberating leader?

- What are the common forms and points of transforming a traditionally managed organisation into a self-directed one?

- How one can live a fulfilled entrepreneur work-life withing organisations?

Want to know the best part of the conversation?

Professor Getz provides listeners with actionable tips on how they could embark on liberating their organisations.

"Abandon your EGO"

Also in this podcast

How can you prove that one organisation is better than the other? Is it possible? What are the signs you have to look for? Is it good or bad if employees call their CEO by his or her first name? What do you think? What does this mean in an organisation culture?

About Professor Getz and Freedom, Inc.

Professor Isaac Getz is a leadership and innovation professor at the ESCP Europe Business School. He has a very multidisciplinary background in mathematics, computer science, psychology, and management. Dr. Getz published numerous studies, and he is the co-author of the international best seller Freedom, Inc.first published in 2009. You can learn more about the work of Dr. Getz by visiting his webpage.