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Public institutions are obliged to create conditions that enable their employees to achieve a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives. How well have central government authorities managed to meet this obligation? What advantages and disadvantages do they see in promoting a healthy work-life balance? These were some of the questions discussed at the Work-Life Balance in the Public Sector conference, organised in Brno, where we gave a presentation back in November 2017.


The institution of the Public Defender of Rights (Ombudsman) of the Czech Republic was founded in 2001. Its main task is to defend the good governance principles. The Ombudsman, Anna Šabatová, provides a complex legal support and assistance to victims of discrimination. The Defender also cooperates and provides educational activities to the HR management of the biggest Czech companies, runs projects, and carries out research on various subjects, such as work-life balance.

At the WorkLife HUB we aim to conceptualize the model of managing work-life balance. In align with this goal our presentation, Work-Life Balance in the Public Sector: Positive Examples and Risk Factors, focused on presenting organisational level good and bad work-life balance practices. A lot of the negative or harmful experiences happen to working parents because of the lack of structure, policies, transparency. Therefore, the presentation highlighted some inspiring practices and made note of the risks we came across throughout our work with various clients.

Presentation content

  • Insight into the bigger picture of work-life balance
  • Examples in different areas that worked for others
  • Potential risk factors and pitfalls to avoid
  • How to get started or improve existing initiatives

Conference Background Paper - Business Case for Work-Life Balance

To contribute to the better understanding of the theme of our presentation, and frame the discussion, we supported the organisers with the preparation of a conference background note, Guidelines to build the business case for work-life balance in public authorities - Work-life Balance in the Public Sector. The paper aimed at illustrating the subject, include a clear statement about the problem, and provide the attendees with a business tool that they could start applying even the day after of the conference.

“I consider your work focused on work-life balance measures for employees very important, and judging by the feedback evaluation forms of the participants of the conference your contribution was found very inspirational.” Anna Šabatová, Public Defender of Rights of the Czech Republic

You can watch our presentation here, or download the conference background paper by clicking on the download documents icon on the right side of your screen. To learn more about the work of the Ombudsman please visit the following page

If you are looking to learn what organisations (government agencies, companies, NGOs ...) of your expertise and size can do to enhance its employees' experience through work-life balance initiatives, we have extensive background of delivering comprehensive presentations, and facilitating result oriented workshops, to events and conferences. Do get in touch!

Work life balance in the public sector - positive examples and risk factors from the WorkLife HUB

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