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Zoltan Vadkerti

Zoltan Vadkerti is a work-life expert, blogger and co-founder of the WorkLife HUB.

With over 50 breakout sessions and amazing featured keynote speakers, such as Brady Pyle (HR Director of NASA) or Bruce Daisley (EMEA VP of Twitter) in the pipeline it seems to be a daunting task to list and describe all the discussion topics. So instead of summing up a list for for you, we thought we’d let a few of the discussion sessions do the convincing. Either you are coining the idea of attending the conference, or already finalizing your preparations, we hope you’ll have a few minutes to pick up on our selection. Surely, you don’t want to miss them.

1. Panel: Creating effective workplaces during times of hypergrowth

WHAT - Real Estate and Space discussion

WHEN - Tuesday, 24 April, 14:40 PM

WHO - Amy Dee (Netflix), Jason Roseaman (Vocalink A Mastercard Company), Nic Pryke (Oktra), Aaron Harvey (Airbnb), Chris Kane (Six Ideas, Moderator)

WHY - This panel, by putting its finger on a very interesting phenomena - how hyper-growth companies can manage and keep up effective workplaces, is all about the future of the workspace landscape. It is clear that megatrends such as rapid technological breakthroughs and demographic shifts are preceding the establishment of new directions of actions in the workspace, but what about startup unicorns, like Airbnb and Netflix, with different sort of challenges, such as budget or workspace limitations. This panel should prove to be very useful and inspirational for anyone interested in facility, real estate or workplace management.

2. Panel: Preparing your company for the future: How should organisations attract tomorrow’s top talent?

WHAT - People discussion

WHEN - Tuesday, 24 April, 16:50 PM

WHO - Nimai Swaroop (Diageo), Alberto Platz (Swarovski), Gabor Varjasi (Hungarian Post), Shereen Daniels (Caffe Nero), Andrew Spence (Blass Bead Consulting, Moderator)

WHY - The reality of retaining and recruiting talent is rapidly shifting. Sorting out hiring, talent or career optimization frameworks are compounded by candidate experience and employer branding questions. Come learn about how market leader companies, such as Caffe Nero, one of the biggest European coffee houses, or the Hungarian Post, the largest employer in Hungary, are recruiting and managing talent.

3. Panel: How can office technology meet the heightened expectations of the millenials?

WHAT - Collaborative Technology discussion

WHEN - Wednesday, 25 April, 12:40 PM

WHO - Tom Westall (LEGO Group), Bonnie Cheuk (Author), Jonathan Speary (Honeywell), James Collis (Ashurst)

WHY - Millennials? Yes, millennials are still a thing! Last years’ technology developments have significantly affected how millennials will work and expect to be managed at organisations. Therefore, it has never been more important for people managers to understand how millennials and technology are influencing the workplace. Who better to ask about technology and engineering related developments, while meeting the constantly changing needs of generations, then Tom Westall from the LEGO Group? In this distinguished panel he will be joined by Bonnie Cheuk published author, Jonathan Speary, Global Workplace Director of Honeywell, a Fortune 500 company, and James Collis, an internationally beckoned financial expert.

Before attending this session go and check out this presentation from Bonnie Cheuk:

4. Panel: Building the business case for diversity in the workplace

WHAT - People discussion

WHEN - Wednesday, 25 April, 12:40 PM

WHO - Martin Blackburn (K.P.M.G.), Rachel Osikoya (Maersk Group), Tim Ackermann (Lidl), Sonia Studer (Nestle)

WHY - By today, for many of us, the business case of diversity and inclusion became obvious. Organisations of diverse gender, race, background, nationality, age or sexual orientation workforce can be more presentational to customers. Most business folks tend to comply with the assertion that greater diversity within the workforce will offer a deeper experience and a mixture of point of views, that should enhance decision making and innovation. But, what about existing evidence? Are you still not yet fully convinced? Join this fantastic panel of professionals to learn more about how diversity policies, at some of the biggest global companies, such as the Maersk Group or Nestle, boost business results.

5. Panel: Next generation communication technology for the modern workplace

WHAT - Collaborative Technology discussion

WHEN - Wednesday, 25 April, 14:50 PM

WHO - Nicola Millard (BT), Gary Keene (Google), Richard Burton (EDF Energy)

WHY - An exceptional panel at the very end of the 2-day-event. Panel members include the incredible Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist at BT, Gary Keene, who runs the Room Experience Team at Google, and Richard Burton, who is the Head of Innovation Projects at EDF. The panel discussion will focus on the latest developments in communication technology, and it is a must attend for anyone interested in building a modern workplace.

Before attending this session go and check out this presentation from Gary Keene, Google:

The WorkLife HUB is proud to work together, for the second consecutive time, with the organisers of the Work 2.0 conference. Keep calm and get to the Work 2.0 conference in London! We hope to see many of you there!

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