Would you like to have more happy, loyal and satisfied customers and employees? Grow your business through the world's leading service for continuous customer & employee satisfaction improvement. The WorkLife HUB is an authorized reseller of the HappyOrNot products in Belgium.

The HappyOrNot Service Concept

The Smiley Terminals are used in two business segments to measure, monitor and engage with results and feedback: Customer Satisfaction; Employee Engagement. As these areas are closely linked with each other, it must be imperative for any businesses to ensure a high level of employee satisfaction before engaging with customers.

How does this work? Smiley Terminals are placed in a highly visible location and customers and employees can anonymously evalute their service and work experience by pressing the smiley buttons. Providing feedback is quick, effortless, fun and HappyOrNot brings you integrated NPS® Scoring. The Web Smileys enable stakeholders and customers to engage with and provide feedback to specific pages via the familiar smileys, making it easy to capture on-line and in-store customer experience feedback.

Measure: Smiley Terminals® & Web Smileys® terminals. Capture the happiness levels of your customers and employees easily and instantly, on-site or online.


Monitor: Reporting Service & Online Reports. Follow your result data and learn when and where to improve your business performance.


Engage: Interaction Reports and Social Sharing. Share your results and grow your profits with improved customer and employee satisfaction.


What and Why to measure

Measuring customer satisfaction could be difficult and yet must be an important bloodline for any businesses as reports suggest91% of unsatisfied customers will never buy from you again. Indeed, measuring the level of satisfaction of your customers could be not as obvious as gauging the profit and loss account of your company. However, the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals can help your business counter with this sorts of problem. Answering the following key questions will help you start understanding more about the importance of measuring customer satisfaction:

  • Is your consumer satisfaction program applicable to current conditions?
  • How are you engaging with your customers?
  • Are you reaching a greater number of your consumer segments?
  • How will you differentiate between your competitors?
  • What are your strategies to increase client retention?
  • Do you have a new strategy for customer loyalty?

Happy and Engaged employees will move mountains for you. This is what we believe in and advocate for at the WorkLife HUB. Employee engagement can be measured and benchmarked in many different ways, but none of the available solutions are as easy and practicable as the HappyOrNot system. If you want to have an excellent perspective on your employee engagement we recommend you answering the next questions:

  • How are you connecting employee satisfaction with customer service?
  • How do you validate your human resource and personnel directives?
  • Do you have an avenue for employees to provide candid, timely feedback?
  • Are you asking the right question, at the right time?

What is HappyOrNot?

HappyOrNot ® is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Its innovative feedback collecting smileys and intelligent data analytics reporting service help its clients to improve their customer experience, relationships, and employee engagement.

Why HappyOrNot?

Since 2009, the HappyOrNot worldwide data insights have benefited thousands of clients in sectors including retail, traveling and transportation, outsourcing services, healthcare and wellbeing, HoReCa, financial services, and public and governmental services.

HappyOrNot serves nearly 4,000 companies across 117 countries, and have collected and reported on over a half billion feedbacks. Its clients include Heathrow Airport and over 70 other airports, SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, DHL, Linkedin, Nike, Ebay, IKEA, Dixon's Carphone, Office Depot, Domino´s Pizza, Sodexo, Securitas, Carrefour, Ochsner Health System, NHS, and the City of Helsinki.

How to start?

To learn more about HappyOrNot, and get to know how it could support you in improving your employee and / or customer satisfaction, please check out our latest Case Studies (MSF; Small World LCC; Securex). You can also sign up for the HappyOrNot newsletter, or blog, and get all the latest industry related news and insight. 

Are you interested in our take? Start your learning process with reading our HappyOrNot guest blog post, How Internal and External Factors Influence Happiness at Work. 

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