Work-Life Integration Webinar Series

3 webinars structured on 3 different levels of knowledge to help you advance work-life integration in your organisation.

What would it be like....

  • to have a simple framework to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of available information on work-life integration;
  • to leverage work-life balance to attract and retain top talent for your organisation and reduce burnout and stress related absence;
  • to have clarity on where workplace policies end and organisational culture begin; 
  • to have someone at your organisation who understood the work-life realm resulting in spending less time, money and energy on experimentation? 

Would your organisation be in the position to decrease employee turnover, increase engagement and drive higher performance?

Our webinar series is designed to provide answers to the above mentioned difficulties experienced by thousands of organisations.

We share with you the 3-steps Framework for work-life integration, which we have developed based on real company examples, the latest research and our experience working with companies and organisations. For more information about the rationale for the webinar series, have a look at our White Paper

1. Work-Life Integration Management Basics (the business case and key trends)

Also, check out the slides for this webinar here.

2. Work-Life Integration Management Essentials (success framework and key tools)

Also, check out the slides for this webinar here.

3. Work-Life Integration in Action (implementation, measuring success and great examples)

Also, check out the slides for this webinar here.

If you want to discuss opportunities or have queries on which service suits your organisation best, please feel free to get in touch.

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