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Work 2.0 Africa

Technology has enabled a more mobile and productive workforce. Disruption has heightened the need for agility and flexibility and changed attitudes to work, family and wellbeing. The contract between the employer and employee has been altered irrevocably.


Work 2.0 is Africa's only exhibition and multipla inter-related conference dedicated to the changing nature of work and the technologies that are transforming the workplace. Located at Johannesburg's Sandton Convention Centre, Work 2.0 Africa is the premium event for products and services for the modern workplace.

What is Work 2.0?

It’s at the intersection of people, workspaces and technology. The event explores the dimensions of a superior or more enhanced version of work – the nature of work, how we work and the work environment. As such it draws together leading visionaries in leadership, business, technology, design and wellbeing. 

Work2.0 is about how to get people to thrive at work. 

Attendees will be looking for ideas and solutions to boost productivity, collaboration, wellness, mobility, flexibility, motivation, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. 2017's Keynotes: Brady Pyle (NASA), Pearl Maphoshe (Pick 'n Pay Retailers), Scott Frasard (Author), Lucky Mandlazi (Levi Strauss & Co), Simon Rey (Ecobank).

How we support Work 2.0:

One of the missions of the WorkLife HUB is to raise awareness among CEOs, HR managers, Small business owners and the research community about the latest trends and developments, to connect them to the new world of work. We are supporting the organisers with the following services:

- Relying on our HUB function we cross disciplines and country borders and connect new and hard to reach stakeholders with the event organisers. Our network extends in many countries in different realms from the research community to businesses and civil society. We also cross disciplinary boundaries and connect with key stakeholders from a variety of fields: HR, social science, work organisation, behavioural economists, health and safety officials, gender equality experts. 

- Using our imagination and creativity, we develop and promote content ahead of the event that will allow interested and future attendees to get a glimpse into the world of Work 2.0, understand some of the key underlying currents as well as create a sense of urgency for action. Our Blogs, podcasts and communication activities thus serve a dual purpose, we raise awareness about the issue with the broader community, and help the organisers raise the recognition for their event. 

To find out more about the Work 2.0 Africa click here, or check out the conference brochure of the event, and if you are interested in exploring how we can help with your project, let us know.

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