Even in remotely working teams, it is highly important that staff remain healthy, happy and engaged in their work. To provide a fresh perspective and insight on work-life balance the Own Brand and Design Deployment team at Tesco engaged with us to deliver online training at its Placeholder Team Day.


One of the world’s largest retailers of consumer goods from food to fashion, Tesco, is a British multinational retailer headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, England. It operates through the following segments: UK and ROI, Central Europe, Asia, and Tesco Bank.


Through this client engagement, we rolled out one of our most popular workshops which aims at supporting busy professionals with achieving better work-life balance. The training covered some theory but is mostly focused on empowering participants with very practical tools and accessible resources on prioritisation, time-management, and flexible working. The session focused on issues such as work-life conflict, boundary management, multiple and sometimes clashing work and family identities and mindfulness.


To contribute to the yearly organised team day of the multi-national and remotely working Own Brand and Design Deployment team at Tesco, we designed and conducted a 3-hour workshop on work-life balance and work-life boundary management. In order to fully understand the objectives and goal of the team-day we first conducted a 1-hour interview with the leadership team of the Own Brand and Design Deployment, following which we rolled out and self-assessment questionnaire about working styles and boundary management to improve the self-awareness of participants.

The online training combined individual reflection, scenario and role-play exercises. It also included energizers, ice-breakers and debriefing opportunities for the team to jointly discuss certain issues. The workshop provided participants with insight about the Work-Life Boundary Management, Time-management Values and Energy levels, self-management strategies for Boundary Control, as well as information on the importance of assertive communication in boundary management and building resilient teams.

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