Smart WorkPlace Day

Building Holland is the largest design, building and logistics conference and fair in the Netherlands. That was the scene for the first Smart Workplace Day organised by Smart WorkPlace, to bring together HR managers, Facility managers, Workplace consultants, and we were asked to deliver 2 Workshops about work-life integration.

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Smart WorkPlace is a knowledge platform making impact for (founding) partners developing healthy and circular work environments based on SMART principles.

The Mission and Objectives

Smart WorkPlace was organising its first WorkPlace Day at the RAI in Amsterdam on 17 April 2018. The theme was #REALTIME. The connection of technology in one sector with that in another sector enables the integration of information. This connection and synchronicity of sectoral developments accelerate data integration and change the working environment. New insights emerge and new solutions emerge. Processes are integrated and decisions become more reliable. The event brought together over 130 professionals from the different sectors of HR, IT, facilities, architecture in an integrated event to foster systems-thinking.

We were tasked with giving 2 workshops for the participants about:

- latest trends impacting the world of work: transparency, hyper-diversity, generations, technology

- work-life integration: what is it, what are the benefits

- the benefits of cross-functional collaboration at work for the benefit of employee engagement, wellbeing, innovation and creativity

- the maturity scale of organisations

- what employers and colleagues can do immediately to improve in their own organisations

You can have a look at the page of the event here (in Dutch). It was a great pleasure to meet these forward-thinking professionals, and share the stage with the likes of Vitra chief innovator Raphael Gielgen and workplace guru Prof. Hans de Jonge, and innovator Yvette Watson.

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