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As one of the most recognizable names in the money transfer industry with unparalleled service quality with a network of over 200,000 locations worldwide, Small World LCC is fully dedicated to ensuring that each of its client has an outstanding experience, which is crucial to differentiating the brand.


Small World Financial Services is Europe’s leading and most trusted payment services provider. The company is specialised in offering highly localised customer service and market-specific payment solutions. Its mission is to provide high quality specialised solutions and services to its clients year after year.

The Challenge

It has always been crucial for financial service companies (banks, money transfer, insurance or consumer finance companies) to provide excellent service quality, consequently keep their fingers on the pulse of customer satisfaction. For this very reason Small World FS uses a variety of metrics to measure and improve its customers’ satisfaction. Though, even with customer service call centres, customer support email addresses and customer feedback suggestion boxes in place, the Small World FS management needed a reliable tool to provide satisfaction data and actionable insight to point out the root causes of service issues.

Customer Satisfaction Results are the Cornerstone of Improving Service Performance at Small World FS

Therefore, the management team decided that Small World needed a way through which it was able to more effectively collect the actual voice of its customers in order to pinpoint those underlying issues that were not fully exposed previously. Limited metrics and processes could have lead to an increased level of pressure on the business which, in the long term, could have resulted in poor client retention.

The Solution

Small World Financial Services tasked us with improving its customer satisfaction through the deployment of 6 HappyOrNot Smiley terminals in its Belgian branches in Antwerp and Brussels. We looked closely at the operations of Small World and carefully, together with the leadership and marketing team of the company, set up a plan through which it was possible to integrate the services of HappyOrNot in the existing customer satisfaction system. We also pointed out potential performance gaps, determined the level of customer satisfaction ratings (NPS; Happy Index) in order to maximise the use of the Smiley terminals, improve performance and ultimately the bottom line of the company.

Through the process we consulted the Small World management team about customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and the proper deployment of the Smiley terminals. We reviewed and provided a through analysis on the HappyOrNot results and suggested recommendations for future steps.

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