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How can the Security and Safety team at the UN in Vienna contribute to a safe and inclusive workplace and improve client service? This was the initial question on which we were tasked with designing and delivering a Training of Trainers on Inclusion for Greater Security and Teamwork.

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The Safety and Security Services at the Vienna International Centre is mandated to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff of all the Vienna-based organizations, delegates and visiting dignitaries and visitors by providing 24-hour security coverage, including access control, identifying and mitigating possible security threats and fire and safety hazards and maintaining fire prevention services and emergency response capabilities.

Between June and September 2020 we designed the online training course for 10 chosen Security officers to learn about unconscious bias, improve skills and confidence in recognising and interrupting biased thinking and behaviour and then become trainers themselves on the issue for their colleagues.

The online training course included the following elements:

- 3 2-hour interactive Webinars, including personal reflection, role-play, discussions, quizzes

- Guide for trainers which aims at giving a slide-by-slide instruction to the trainers when they deliver the training themselves

- A customisable powerpoint presentation for the trainers

- an online self-assessment quiz for the trainers

Above all else, the training took the learners on a journey of self-awareness and reflection about values, beliefs, learnt and acquired behaviours and unconscious bias, particularly focusing on the cross-cultural working environment and the specificities of the security profession. The course and the discussions tackled issues related to gender equality, racism, discrimination based on sexual orientation, ability and religion.

The 10 security officers completed the course and also tested their new skills and knowledge in a test-training session, which allowed them to give and receive facilitated, constructive feedback.

"Please accept our sincere appreciation for all the learning experiences that you provided to us during the just concluded Webinar sessions.
On behalf of SSS Vienna colleagues who just concluded ''ToT Inclusion for Greater Security and Teamwork" I want to say a big 'thank you'. We are now prepared to facilitate this course to fellow colleagues (and even to others outside our Service)."

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