Busy professionals, working parents and carers are all struggling with work-life balance. The Women Leadership Network, a global Mastercard community that unlocks enhanced career opportunities for women, inspires success and empowers female leaders had for its 2019 work programme the goal to tackle this challenge. We were invited to give 2 lunchtime seminars on work-life balance, practical and actionable tools to reduce work overspill.


As a technology company in the global payments business, Mastercard operates the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories.

In order to fully understand the needs of the lunch-workshop participants, we first ran an online survey to determine the needs of Mastercard Europe employees. The participants were mainly women, half of them parents, some with caring responsibilities for parents. They were keen to learn practical tools to manage overwhelm, understand more some of the key principles of work-life integration and exchange with their colleagues.

We ran two 1,5 hour workshops, which combined theory about work-life conflict and overspill, boundary management and trade-offs, and conducted individual and group exercises on time-management, prioritisation, and tackled unconscious bias around flexible working.

Here is a selection of the feedback we received after the workshop:

Practical examples and tangible things to do. The suggestions were not just theoretical but gave you actual things that can be done and practised in real every day life. Not something that is impractical or difficult to do.
Good balance of research, tips and techniques to design an individual solution to finding work & personal life balance
I wasn't expecting theory or the level of expertise (truly an expert with industry recognition, not just another local consultant), so that was really a nice surprise

Mastercard hired us for Speaking

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