Improving training effectiveness with HappyOrNot at MSF

Médecins Sans Frontiere (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected. Today, MSF employs more than 35 000 people across the world. Over the course of each year MSF arranges thousands of events and meetings to facilitate discussion, decision taking and knowledge sharing.

In addition, the employees of the organisation are often sent to an MSF training program before going to field missions. At this high number of events and trainings it is no wonder the organisation wishes to put its finger on the pulse of meeting effectiveness and satisfaction. 

Studies show that higher level of productivity at meetings result in greater levels of work satisfaction and effectiveness, and for a world leading NGO such as MSF, in order to stay innovative and effective in saving lives, it is indispensable to deliver high-quality trainings to its employees. 

The MSF trainings are aimed at training staff to boost knowledge, enhance skills and raise competency levels. 

Therefore, to measure meeting satisfaction, and to augment current feedback collection practices (email, face to face, telephone), MSF has decided to deploy HappyOrNot smiley terminals at its trainings and meetings. 

Outcome and Impact - HappyOrNot in improving meeting satisfaction

The HappyOrNot service was introduced in September 2017. The HappyOrNot smiley terminals were used in 4 different settings:

  • Deployed at bigger meetings (plus 35 attendees) to gauge satisfaction;
  • Deployed at medium size meetings and trainings (less than 30 attendees) to assess effectiveness and usefulness;
  • Set up at administrative units to advance face to face discussions, encourage interaction, gather feedback;
  • Used at daily briefings to gather feedback on effectiveness.

Hundreds of feedbacks were collected from the employees of MSF Headquarters as well as training participants in the first months. The feedback pointed towards trends and allowed the colleagues of the “Projects. Change. Knowledge.” department to investigate the two most important aspects of a meeting with which a stakeholder could feel satisfaction:

  • The precise outcomes of the meeting or training;
  • The process by which those outcomes were attained.

The results also contributed to the mainstreaming of the newly developed values and standards in terms of the delivery of a high-quality MSF training. These developments allowed the identification of learning needs and created positive feedback loops.

How we supported MSF

  1. Consulted the “Projects. Change. Knowledge.” team of MSF in meeting and employee satisfaction.
  2. Helped MSF to bridge the meeting methodology of the organisation with the use of the HappyOrNot services.
  3. Reviewed and analyzed the HappyOrNot results jointly with MSF and provided recommendations on future steps.


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