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Teneo Meetings

As HR Game Changer, and regular bloggers, we are partnering up with Teneo, a young and very skillful team of organisers, to inspire and share with participants our latest experience in people and workplace management.


Teneo hosts high level HR conferences, seminars and forums for international executives who wish to better their knowledge by sharing their experiences.

Like-minded people, "own your experience" approach, fluid networking, first-class lineup, and top-quality-content; the Teneo conference series (HRcoreLAB, HRcoreACADEMY) are among the finest HR events in Europe.

Speaking at the HRcoreLAB

Our goal was to make participants leave with concrete tools and ideas making them more effective HR managers. Our objective was two-fold: make attendees learn about the latest developments in the realm of HR (new positions and job titles, talent attraction and retention policies, extended workforce..) and find answers for those problems that may emerge from them.

Blogging at the HRcoreACADEMY

At the 3rd HRcoreACADEMY, held in Brussels on 19-20 Ocotber 2016, we provided the Teneo Team with our blogging services, took notes in great detail, added our ideas and painted an overall picture on the event. This work helped the organisers to build an alternative archive to the event, link together those members of the HR community who attended, and disseminate information on the knowledge learned and gained.

In addition, blogging supported the organisers to harness and tap into the HR community, increase the word of mouth of advertising effect, and maximize social media presence.

Teneo Meetings hired us for Content Creation

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