Scaling a startup from a great idea to a company employing 9 staff brings its own challenges. How to keep employees engaged, and maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and dynamics without burning out? We helped GraphicBomb assess employee happiness and engagement, internal communication and work-life balance. 


GraphicBomb is an online media publisher and performance ad network helping travel advertisers such as airlines, booking sites, hotels, and cruise lines reach consumers with high travel booking intent.

With a preliminary conversation with the CEO we determined the issues, and what areas we should focus on in our Diagnostic. We selected a number of staff (employed and contractual) with whom we carried out our Diagnostic (finding answers to a set of questions, free associations and story-telling). This helped us form a picture of the company (internal communication, leadership, decision-making, culture and norms, behaviours and employee happiness and wellbeing), which we delivered to the CEO in the form of a HeatMap report. Together with the CEO we analysed the report, highlighted the points that need looking into, and presented a picture of the overall employee happiness to ensure the sustainability of the business. 

This is what Dave Boehl, the Founder and CEO of Graphic Bomb had to say about the experience of working with us: 

I found the experience to be very professional and confidential, which I appreciated. Also that the insights were delivered with the full context and experience of Agnes and she helped me think about things in a new light. 

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