By today, the business case of workplace gender equality has become very strong. Ample business benefits can be achieved by organisations which attract and retain talent from both genders to their workforce with flying colours. This case study sums up how fostering and developing a labour pool, even in the most male dominated sectors, that promote gender equality can increase the bottom-line.

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Shipbuilding company, ShippingCo, operates in a highly competitive international environment, employing 200 employees. It is the biggest yacht builder in its sector and recognised as one of the leading specialists yacht manufactuer worldwide. The company builds high quality, luxury yachts in its shipyard Istanbul, Turkey, one of the centres of the global shipbuilding industry.

The Challenge

Traditionally shipbuilding has been a male dominated sector. Like many other companies ShippingCo also looks for possible avenues through which it can engage and attract the next generation of qualified science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workers, especially women. 

Therefore, keeping, securing and transmitting know-how is of utmost importance for ShippingCo. In addition, the company pays special attention to internal skills and knowledge transfer and to future skill requirements. For ShippingCo to respond to its constantly rising market demand, investing in the skills and leadership education of its employees at the lower end of experience and to invest into its talent pipeline, is vital. Ultimately, the core challenges of ShippingCo are attracting and retaining female talent.

Our approach

Our approach and methodology on information gathering and project delivery that guaranteed the development of a tailor-made business case with customized targets and initiatives based on the following elements: 

  • Introductory Seminar
  • Information gathering
  • Analysis and forming or recommendations 
  • Setting up leadership team
  • Strategic workshop
  • Gender and HR cycle audit
  • Optimising HR
  • Leadership skills training
  • Formulation of possible investments and work-life supports

Download the Case Study. In this case study we underline ways through which gender measures, even in the most competitive industries, can be successfully integrated in the workforce, workplace and supply chain design. 

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