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Every organisation has an Employer Brand - even if they haven't crafted any messages around it. What does your organisation look like to people on the outside - customers, candidates, investors or partners? 


The Zukunft Personal Europe (formerly Zukunft Personal) is Europe's largest exhibition for Human Resource Management. Organised in Cologne, it is the flagship ExpoEvent for all matters concerning the World of Work. It functions as a catalyst connecting people with markets when it comes to HR management, digital transformation, and leadership.

Transparency driven by social media and other platforms like Glassdoor and kununu are changing how we see organisations from the outside. Long gone are the times when carefully crafted corporate images are the only controlled way businesses and institutions can communicate about what it feels like for employees to work there. 

How would you describe the employer brand at your organisation in 2-3 words?

Employees have a voice and they use it to express themselves - when they are happy, and when they are unhappy. This voice can be causing concerns to some employers - our approach however is to advise organisations to embrace transparency, and use it as a great opportunity to rethink their work-life policies and how it can be highlighted to the outside world to enhance the employer brand. 

This is a 1,5 hour workshop in which we tackle the following issues:

  • What is Employer branding - and why it matters?
  • Exploring the Employee Value Proposition - highlighted with practical examples from some of the best workplaces out there
  • What mistakes to avoid? 
  • What is work-life integration and how it is aligned with the EVP
  • How to get started? 

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to bring this workshop to your organisation. 

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