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Work-life balance is a thread that is woven in the fabric of Dell's internationally acknowledged workplace culture. Therefore, it was an absolute privilege to conduct an online 'Lunch and Learn' session for the Dell Boomi team on improving work-life balance.

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Dell is an American multinational computer technology company. Dell's global business footprint includes operations in 180 countries, manufacturing in 25 locations, more than 40 distribution and configuration centres and more than 1,800 service centres worldwide. Boomi is a business unit acquired by Dell in 2010 that specializes in integration platform as a service, API management, Master Data Management and data preparation.


For many years now, Dell has been a receiver of a number of prestigious workplace culture-related awards for its standard-setting approach for balancing work and personal life. Dell, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic, has demonstrated a high level of commitment to support the creation of a positive work-life balance to its employees through the many programmes and benefits it offers to encourage a more flexible way of working. The long-term goal of Dell is to not just only foster growth and opportunity for its team members across the Globe but to create a more successful future for its customer.


The 1,5 hours online 'Lunch and Learn' session was designed to address and provide practical advice on how the Dell Boomi team members can improve their work-life balance. As always, prior to the session, we gauged the interest of the attendees for them to be able to express their actual concerns, needs and challenges in terms of their work-life balance. Then, the event was organised in a way to provide general information on topics such as work-life boundary management, and for participants to be able to put forward their questions in an open and safe forum, while also incorporating individual exercises.

In the session, we addressed:

  • Work-life tradeoffs
  • Work-life boundary management, and the individual boundary styles of the attendees
  • Self-management strategies for personal boundary control
  • How to overcome the social isolation of remote employees and the impact of isolation

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