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Securex is committed to providing that each of its clients and partners have an outstanding experience with the services of the company, which is fundamental in setting apart the company from its competitors. Securex applies NPS to track its service quality and customer satisfaction to measure and follow the level of the performance of its staff. Even with a clear focus on ensuring first-class customer service, and various forms of customer satisfaction surveys in place, Securex needed an after-visit feedback tool to help the operation of its offices, reinforce feedback giving culture, and improve the loyalty of its clients.


Securex specialises in human capital. As one of the most prominent multi-dimensional HR service provider companies, Securex has been devoted to providing its partners and clients with world-class social service solutions for over 110 years, present in at least 20 countries. When it comes to customer-centricity Securex is one of the most ambitious companies we have ever worked with.

The Challenge

For HR service provider companies it has always been very important to maintain high levels of service quality and improve customer satisfaction, two of the very components of external relations that ultimately impact competitiveness and performance. For this reason the Securex Group engrains one of its core values, being always client-oriented, in the daily operation of the entire company. However, even with online surveys, customer support email addresses, active social media presence, the management group of Securex needed a reliable after-visit feedback system in place to support its daily operation with client satisfaction data, and actionable information about some of the root causes of service issues.

When it comes to customer-centricity Securex is one of the most ambitious companies we have ever worked with.

For this reason, the Customer Connection team of the Securex Group decided it needed a solution through which it was able to collect direct client feedback and identify those issues that are needed to reach a higher level of quality. Limited information about the level of customer satisfaction after branch visits could have resulted more pressure on the operation of the business which, in the long run, could have caused in poor client retention. In addition, the company has such a high number of clients that it has become inevitable that it needed to measure their satisfaction through different ways, and through all possible touch points.

The Solution

The Customer Connection unit of the Securex Group assigned us with measuring, ultimately improving, its customer satisfaction (NPS) level through the deployment of 5 HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals in its 5 Belgian offices. We assessed closely at the operations and functioning of the Securex offices and carefully, together with the CC unit, developed a plan through which it was not just only possible to deploy the smiley terminals, but to blend in the services of HappyOrNot in the NPS system of the company. (HappyOrNot does provide the possibility to transfer data into the Net Promoter System.) We also pinpointed issues on potential performance as well as, service gaps, and determined the optimal level of the net promoter system in order to augment the use of the smiley terminals.

This process included customer set up support and a series of consultations with the Customer Connection Unit of Securex about the proper deployment of the HappyOrNot feedback system. We continuously review and provide analysis on the HappyOrNot results and suggest recommendations for future steps on their maximization.

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