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As one of the official media partners, for the second consecutive time, of Chatham House's Future of Work conference, held on 23 June 2017, we provide the event assistance with outreach and promotion.


The Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House, is an NGO based in London and according to a 2015 report it is the 2nd most influential think-thanks in the world.

We have been following the future of work conversation for many years now and it was exciting to see that such an influential organisation like the Chatham House joined the debate in 2016. To maximize the attendance we recorded two podcast episodes (here and here) with Ben Cumming, Conference Development at the Chatham House, and provide the event with social media coverage to promote its content. What was the results in 2016? The meeting was a great success with high level of attendance.

The objective of the event

The main objective for Chatham House, in line with their Rule of promoting openness and freedom in sharing information and expressing opinion, was to dwelve into the different aspects of the changing world of work, the 4th Industrial Revolution, the developments of AI and machine learning which is about to fundamentally change the way the world (and the people) works. 

Bringing together a multidisciplinary panel of distinguished speakers from the Norvegian Minister of Education to the Director of the McKinsey Research Institute, participants were given a great amount of information and insight to take away. 

Our contribution

In line with our mission to make knowledge about these trends accessible to as many people as possible, we teamed up with Chatham House to learn more about the focus and the intention of the event directly from the organiser, as well as to promote the event to a broader audience based. 

Our strength, which is present in our research and consultancy services as well, is asking the right questions. Through our keen interest in exploring these topics further, we help organisers and participants look at their work from a new, perhaps undiscovered angle, as well as translate the often complex and high-level information into a more user-friendly, accessible format. 

Find out more about the Future of Work 2017 conference here, and if we can help with your project by asking the right questions, understanding the needs and interests of your target group, bringing information to them in an accessible and interesting format (audio, video, blog), please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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