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Busy professionals who want to give their best at work can become overwhelmed. Coupled with long commuting or international travel to clients' sites, the continuous need to innovate and learn new skills to offer the best service for clients puts pressure on the consultants at Bluecrux. Our job was to identify the challenges employees are facing and offer actionable solutions to reduce the risk of burnout and improve employee wellbeing.


Bluecrux is a fast-paced, fast-growing management consultancy company specialised in supply chain management. With large clients in different sectors from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, they offer state of the art digital solutions. Co-creating the solutions with the clients means that Bluecrux consultants are working together with the employees at their clients' sites to bring in their specific expertise and technological solutions.

The Bluecrux partners and senior managers want to attract and retain the best talent, foster a work environment that is dynamic, friendly and employee-centred. In order to be even more an employer of choice, ensure employee wellbeing and reduce the risk of burnout, as well as support the work-life balance of their employees, we were tasked with the following:

- conduct an on-line, anonymous survey with Bluecrux employees to gauge their experience and expectations in the following domains: work-life balance, relationships at work, the physical working environment and work organisation.

- review the potential psycho-social risks employees are experiencing and report it to the management committee

- conduct semi-structured interviews with a representative sample of the employees (partners, administrative staff, consultants, parents/not-parents, new employees, senior employees, men/women...)

- present the findings to the management board members and staff

- propose actionable recommendations that the company can start implementing immediately (low-hanging fruit) and change in the strategic planning in the medium and longer-term.

The findings and the reporting was handled with the outmost confidentiality.

Bluecrux hired us for Workplace Consultancy

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