The Action 2020 Forum is organised, on 26 April 2017, by the Business Council for Sustainable Development Hungary (BCSDH). This case study focuses on the BCSDH Action 2020 Forum which we supported through the preparation of a conference background paper, and the facilitation of a workshop.


Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) is the national partner organization of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). WBCSD is a CEO-led business organization founded in 1992, located in Switzerland, working with more than 200 corporates in over 70 countries all over the world and dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development.

At the WorkLife HUB we contribute to and organise successful events (in the form of webinars, workshops, meetups, conferences etc.) every single month. Our primary aim is to add value to these meetings and create insight for participants. 

Since the first Hungarian Forum the conference has developed each year and now it hosts over 100 participants from the business, civil and academic sectors. The conference is formed around two main segments: Business Breakfast with a key-note presentation, as well as a world-cafe style organised discussion Forum.

The Objectives

One of the core aims of the BCSDH Action 2020 Forum is to create engagement through dialogue and conversation. The organisers consider the Forum to be an important platform for business representatives to meet and learn from each other, therefore they want to focus on delivery and cooperation, and it is important for them to facilitate this process through high-quality, thought-provoking background documents. 

Focusing on 2 core activities, this is how we contribute to the objectives of the Forum and what difference it makes in the experience of the participants:

Workshop background paper preparation

To facilitate one of the Forum's World Café discussions we prepare a background paper on a specifc topic (inclusion and diversity across the value chain) that will be disputed by the participants. With the writing of the background note we help participants get a feel where the discussion will take them, and organise their ideas so that they can understand and share their professional experience with other participants, learn from each other and develop recommendations.

Workshop facilitation

Through the facilitation of the World Café workshop we help the organisers structuring an effective dialogue, through which differing views and solutions can be shared with the participants in a rotating group order. This activity includes: working out the content and order of the workshop; clarification of aims; timing and planning; summarising and reporting.

BCSDH 2020 Action Forum

Inspiring events have many variables and the preparation of background documents and/or workshop facilitation are one of them. If you have a specific question regarding the work we provide for the Forum, or a problem with your event you'd like us to start looking into, here is how to contact us.

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