ABP Annual Conference

The ABP - the Association for Business Psychology invited us to join their Annual Conference in October 2019 in London, and run a session on how to use nudging to support employees with their work-life balance, and organisations to improve the culture and the take-up around work-life balance policies.

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The ABP is the home and voice of Business Psychology. It's a Membership organisation for all professionals and students interested in Business Psychology, be it HR, Learning, Resourcing or OD practitioner; or an Executive or Manager. The ABP runs events (conference, awards, training, speaking), accredit relevant University courses, publish articles and books.

The Conference

The ABP Annual Conference is the only one dedicated primarily to the practical application of psychology in organisations. The theme for the 2019 edition was ‘The Big Nudge’.

Almost 10 years ago the UK formally introduced ‘nudging’ as a way to help people make better decisions. Since then, Behavioural Economics has become even more commonplace in our lives, present in the products we consume, the social media we love to use, and more.

The Workshop

At the ABP conference, Agnes tackled the kind of behaviours from managers and teams that create the enabling environment for employees to take-up flexible working arrangements and parental leave - without fear of negative career consequences. She also tackled unconscious bias that exists around work-life balance in organisations and give examples of how nudging can reduce work-life conflict, support employees with boundary management and create a more engaged, trusting workforce.

You can read about the ideas explored in this interactive workshop in this Forbes article. You can also download the presentation slides here.

What the participants said

Here are a few comments we received from the participants after the workshop:

It was so great to hear you talk at the ABP conference-I think I could have listened to you talk for hours! (Catrin)
Fantastic to join your session and your insights at the ABP conference. (Fiona)
I joined your great session at the ABP conference - many thanks for all of the fantastic insight! (Catherine)

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