Agnes Uhereczky

Agnes Uhereczky

Agnes Uhereczky is a consultant, podcaster and workplace transformer. She is the co-founder of the WorkLife HUB.

A shift happened from considering teleworking as a privilege or as an occasional work arrangement to allow employees to focus on a certain task or to combine work with a private or family obligation to viewing teleworking not only as an important tool ensuring business continuity during a global pandemic but also a way of working that can be just as productive as employees working in the office.

Throughout 2020, the WorkLife HUB has been supporting organisations tackling their work organisation related challenges linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with regards to lockdowns and mandated teleworking/remote working. What became apparent, is that many organisations have never before experimented with large-scale, prolonged teleworking, and therefore found that both managers and employees didn't quite have the skills and the confidence to work from home in a productive and collaborative fashion.

Workplace training and workshops 2021 remote working and work-life balance

We responded to this need and developed a set of online workplace training events and workshops for our clients, that we are now rolling out and offering more broadly. We have delivered over 40 training sessions online throughout 2020, with the number of participants ranging from 10 to 180 per session.

What have been some of the most popular workplace training sessions?

- Tackling unconscious bias, fostering more inclusive teams

- Identifying structural and cultural obstacles to remote working, tackling them effectively

- Ensuring employee performance and wellbeing while working from home - with a special focus on working parents and carers

- Line-manager and team-leader skills-building for managing remote teams

- Preventing and tackling sexual harassment at the workplace

- Work-life balance and work-life boundary management

You can have a look in more detail here to our approach to training, as well as some of the topics for training and online seminars. You can also see here a selection of those training sessions we conducted in 2020.

What is included in the work?

When working with clients, we always tailor the workplace training and workshops to the specific context and need of the organisation and the training participants. We do that by starting with an in-depth interview about the needs, previous learning events, current challenges and then follow that with a pre-training online survey to the participants. This allows us to really gauge the interest of the learners, and also assess their level of knowledge. Then we design the training programme, using a lot of interactive elements, such as role-plays, dilemmas, discussions and quizzes.

How to get started?

We are happy to learn about your training needs and goals and explore together how we may support your organisation in becoming an inclusive and safe place to work for all employees, as well as empowering your managers with knowledge and tools to support their remote working employees. Contact us either directly, or via this form.

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