Zoltan Vadkerti

Zoltan Vadkerti

Zoltan Vadkerti is a work-life expert, blogger and co-founder of the WorkLife HUB.

Work-Life Balance is one of those concepts... we all have a rough idea what it means, yet as soon as you scratch the surface, a much more complex and a highly individualised picture emerges.

Yet for quite a few years now, in employee surveys a desire (1) for work-life balance shows up as one of the most important aspects of a job, an aspect employees are even willing to take a pay-cut for. It features high on the lists of what Millennials are valuing most in life and also what more senior workers appreciate from their employers. 

Work-life balance remains elusive

Yet work-life balance, work-life integration or blend remains this elusive construct that is hard to define, is interpreted differently across cultures, generations, disciplines and organisations and something we all know we want, yet not sure how to really get. 

We have been digging ourselves into the issue for the past 6 years, reviewing a huge number of research studies, speaking to companies that offer a wide range of services and benefits and seeking the holy grail: 

Why are some employers so good in offering great employment conditions and other not so much. 

In our recent White Paper we are outlining some of the key trends that drive changes in the economy, in society and have great implications also for the way work is organised and the workforce managed. Leaders and managers can no longer turn a blind eye to these developments, and we argue that every organisation needs, and soon will employ a Work-Life Integration Manager

The way forward..

As we produce the WorkLife podcast, an inexhaustible source of knowledge and inspiration, shared generously by our guests, who are researchers, practitioners, Founders, HR Managers and policy advisors, we circle in on the many different aspects of the intersection between our working lives and non-work, and how they criss-cross and impact on each other. 

The way forward.. Work-Life Integration Manager

Over the course of the last couple of years we worked with various companies and managed several research projects at global scale. This work helped us gain a clear picture on current work-life trends as well as gain insight into the future of work debate, two parallel universes closely linked to each other. 

Using this knowledge we have developed the Roadmap to WorkLife Integration, a tool for companies and organisations, with which we help them to assess their cultural readiness for the implementation of work-life policies and supports (beyond compliance) and to help them improve and transform their management practices and workplace to be more adaptive to the current socio-economic, technological and demographic drivers.

The birth of a new position: Work-Life Integration Manager

Our conclusions and recommendations in the White Paper aim at convincing policy makers and business owners on the urgency of implementing work-life supports. Putting in place flexible work options, agile or dynamic working practices or work-life balance measures are no longer a nice-to-have perk for employees, but are a business imperative to attract and retain talent as well as to achieve key business priorities. And the ultimate sign of readiness and maturity? Following in the footsteps of some of the most iconic businesses and establishing the role of ...

Work-Life Integration Manager

Interested in finding out more about the ways through which your organisation could understand the ins and outs of this new position? Download our White Paper now!

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One Life: how the most forward-looking organisations leverage work-life integration to attract talent and foster employee wellbeing

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