Agnes Uhereczky

Agnes Uhereczky

Agnes Uhereczky is a consultant, podcaster and workplace transformer. She is the co-founder of the WorkLife HUB.


The concept is unfortunately also blurred with ideas about perks and benefits, attached to some negative connotations (unproductive, unmotivated, something only for mothers…) and sometimes characterised as something marginal, or perceived as a luxury, that companies or families cannot afford.

We argue, that work-life balance needs to be rebranded from a “nice-to-have” to a “must have”. It needs to be known as a work-life integration management system, that is the foundation for prosperity, innovation and competitive edge.

The key here is to identify what are the biggest pain points of organisations and how can work-life integration provide answers to them:

  • Innovation and inventiveness through diversity, the “war for talent”
  • Performance, productivity through autonomy, trust and mastery
  • Customer happiness through Employee happiness – purpose
  • Engagement through inclusion, transparency, fairness and purpose
  • Health via balance, time-off, disconnection

The combination of work-life integration initiatives, like flexible working, tele-working, self-rostering, as well as supporting key life-transitions (to parenthood or grandparenthood, or into a caring role) through pragmatic policies and behaviour are proven contributing factors to the above listed objectives.

Work-Life balance (or integration) is complex, fragmented, and diverse.

Work-Life integration doesn't have to be a major financial investment, but it's also not about fruit-bowls or pilates classes. It's main aspect is the up-grade of the management system to provide employees with proven work organisation skills and tools to give their best performance at work, and also to be present with their other engagements, be it family, friends, community or whatever they want to focus on.


Our mission at the WorkLife HUB is to make these links crystal clear for businesses, employers and also policy makers to allow them to create the kind of favourable conditions or enabling environment, in which these objectives are fulfilled and employees are empowered, included and can thrive.

I am honoured to be an Ambassador for the IESE Women in Leadership of IESE Business School up-coming conference “The (New) Ideal Worker” organised in Barcelona on the 3-4 July 2017. This Blog article is the second in a series ahead of the event.

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