Zoltan Vadkerti

Zoltan Vadkerti

Zoltan Vadkerti is a work-life expert, blogger and co-founder of the WorkLife HUB.

To deliver increased productivity, organisations must be in a constant state of adaptation, planned and unplanned learning. The concept that is often left behind from this track of thought is unlearning. Why is this approach crucial? Why  is it so relevant for any organisation to adapt its HR practices? Buckle up, in this post we will walk you through unlearning.

Learning vs unlearning in HR

The objective of learning and development (L&D), a subgroup of Human Resource Management, is to ameliorate individual and organisational performance by creating an environment, in which learning is facilitated and could take place. Learning and development is an important and big piece in the HR puzzle, which forms an integral part of an organisation’s talent strategy. In fact, the topic still divides professionals and it is often called “training and development” or “human capital development” and got only standardized after a thorough debate at the level of the HR heavy-lifter, CIPD.

Why We Love Unlearning (And You Should, Too!) Image courtesy to Unsplash

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of ‘unlearning’ is to make an effort to forget our usual way of doing something so that we can learn a new and sometimes better way. Unlearning in HR is about identifying certain motives in decision making in terms of maximizing employee performance that no longer benefit the company. It’s about dumping ingrained “the way we do things around here is…” thinking and practices that no longer support and benefit organisations in achieving their goals – just like safely getting rid of old company computers.

Unlearning is about emptying the imaginary mug of our organisation from which we have been consuming beverages for years, and by filling it up again with new knowledge and information about people policies as well as practices, we deliver exciting new thinking and results.

Unlearning is letting go of all things that represent averageness. 

It is a choice that every organisation and its employees and leaders could make. Will you take your first steps with us? This blog post is here to help you embark on your unlearning expedition and support you understand what will you need to carry during your adventure.


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