Zoltan Vadkerti

Zoltan Vadkerti

Zoltan Vadkerti is a work-life expert, blogger and co-founder of the WorkLife HUB.

If you are about to scale up your knowledge and expertise as a professional on work-life balance related topics, if you need some inspiration and want to see how others juggle a full time job with family and personal duties, or just want to read the best pieces during your long travel to work - dive into our top selection.

1. Emma Seppala - The Happiness Track: How to Apply the Science of Happiness to Accelerate Your Success (January 2016)

Some would argue that happiness is the key to fast tracking professional and personal success. Who doesn’t want to be successful in his or her professional and personal life? Yet, the race of both has never been more elusive for some of us. We are taught that getting ahead means doing everything that’s thrown at us, argues Seppala, a leading expert on health psychology and well-being at Stanford University, and, that success depends on our drive and talents; and that achievement cannot happen without stress. Seppala doesn’t suggest that we should give up on our dreams, rather, ensure that it is paired and supported with pragmatic and practical advice, based on the latest scientific findings. Read this book if you are about the embark on a life-changing journey centered around happiness.

2. Cal Newport - Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (January 2016)

Newport is a popular, and very witty, blogger, Georgetown Professor, who first coined the term ‘deep work’ in 2012. In this book you’ll find practical tips, some straight-to-the-point advice, strategies, recommendations and many more that will help you discover your skills that can not be replaced by superintelligent robots and automation. It is rare to find a book that really changes the way we work and get better in our professional activities. This is one such fiction.

3. Caroline Webb - How to Have a Good Day (February 2016)

Regardless of whether you agree with Webb’s assumption on “science-based-tricks” in pursuing a better day at work, How to Have a Good Day is a must-read for anyone looking to join the conversation around behavioral science. In the book, she combines compelling research (according to the FT she read hundreds of research pieces before writing this book) with “road-tested” advice to teach every reader how to navigate through the typical challenges of modern workplaces. Brainy and gifted, we can’t wait to grab a copy.

4. Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy: Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want (March 2016)

New York Times bestseller author Hyatt and long-time executive coach Harkavy are the guarantees that this book will try putting an end to a period by defining things in a strikingly different way. The book is a life planner step-by step guide through which readers can get a clear picture on where they are in their life and how to get to the place (balance?) where they really want to be.

5. Heather Boushey - Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict (April 2016)

The New York Time has called Boushey one of the “most vibrant voices” in the research field of economic inequality and public policy, employment, social policy and family economic well-being, that is more than enough information for us to add this piece to our book to be read in 2016 list. In Finding Time Boushey raises, and answers, the number one question that concerns almost all of us: How can I get ahead at my job while making sure my family doesn’t fall behind? She argues that resolving work–life conflicts is as vital for individuals and families as it is essential for realizing the country’s productive potential.

6. Jessica DiLullo Herrin - Find Your Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier, and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms (May 2016)

In Find Your Extraordinary, Jessica Herrin shows that you don't need to have it all to live an extraordinary life - you need to have what matters most to you. Whether you work in a corporate job, run a family, or run your own business, Herrin offers realistic, attainable steps all of us can take to achieve extraordinary success on our own terms.

7. Angela Duckworth: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (May 2016)

Grit is Duckworth’s take on the real reason behind success and outstanding achievement. She explains why talent is hardly a guarantor of success and why a focused persistence called “grit” is the real secret behind peak performance and personal accomplishment. Grit promises to be a real life-changer in the lives’ of all of us.

8. Suzan Lewis, Deirdre Kinloch Anderson, Clare Lyonette, Nicola Payne, Stephen Wood: Work-Life Balance in Times of Austerity and Beyond : Meeting the Needs of Employees, Organizations and Social Justice (July 2016)

Professor Suzan Lewis is one of the most acknowledged researchers on gender, work-life balance, workplace practices, culture change thus this book is going to be in a special place on our bookshelf. The book explores the enormous ongoing interest in work-life balance and current pressing concerns about the impacts of austerity. A guiding theme throughout the book is the focus on a triple agenda of supporting employee work-life balance, workplace effectiveness and social justice in an austerity context.

9. Samantha Ettus - The Pie Life (September 2016)

In her latest book, The Pie Life, work-life balance expert, Harvard MBA and radio host Samantha Ettus offers women a powerful but simple framework for balancing a successful career with a fulfilling personal life. With its unique combination of inspiring stories, motivational messages and practical solutions, The Pie Life will turn everything you know about work-life balance on its head. Soon you'll be baking up a lifestyle that is more satisfying, rich, and delicious than you ever thought possible.

10. Isabella Crespi, Elisabetta Ruspini: Balancing Work and Family in a Changing Society: The Fathers' Perspective (March 2016)

There has been a general lack of comparative research to the complex intersection between old and new forms of masculinity; and between fatherhood, work-life balance, gender relations and children's well-being. As a result, men's fathering roles and their struggle with work-life balance have often been neglected. This volume examines how fathers fulfill their roles both within the family and at work and what institutional support could be of most benefit to them in combining these roles.

10+1 Suzanne Waddill-Goad: Nurse Burnout: overcoming stress in nursing (January 2016)

It is rare to find a book, in the realm of work-life balance, that focuses on simply one profession or job so we are excited to reading and learning from the findings of this piece. The book explores the enormous risks involved in the stress-fatigue-burnout connection and defines health concerns and practice considerations for how to move the profession forward.

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